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A tribute to Copper

September 30, 2009

Lately things have not been so amazing. Two Fridays ago, Sept. 18, I had to put my beloved dog Copper to sleep, even though he was only 7 years old because he had an aggressive streak in his personality. I am in no way trying to compare this loss to that of a human family member or friend, but it was hard for me because he was not dying by natural causes or an accident, I was killing him. I love animals, but I am not obsessed or one of those crazy “my dog is my life or my child” kind of people. However, to take him to the vet and hold him in my arms as he died, then to leave the vet without him was just too much. I now have these feelings of emptiness and regret. I can’t fall asleep at night because he is not trying to hog my bed or lay on my pillow. I despise going home because he is not there to greet me at the door and just be excited to see me. He is gone and there is a space that can’t be filled. 

So, I would just like him to know that I still love him no matter what and that he was the perfect dog for me. He can never be replaced and I hope I made him at least as half as happy as he made me. Goodbye babe, I’ll love you forever. RIP.


My name is Dana and I am an interesting person

September 25, 2009

I admit I felt lame attempting to do this. I mean I don’t lead a life of crime, or do research on developing an AIDS vaccine. I don’t even cliff dive on weekends or play ping pong on a regular basis.

However, I am an interesting person. I am one of those people who has cool life stories to tell. I edit Vogue. I bury llamas. I go to ballet class on a regular basis.

This could be entertaining, or it won’t be and then, well, bygones.