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So we don’t go kill ourselves…Year in Review #2

December 30, 2009

So it has been established that 2009 was not anywhere close to being awesome. However, like Janet sings in Rocky Horror,

There’s a light in the darkness of everybody’s life.”

Here is a list of some good things that happened in 2009 (again in no particular order except how I might remember them):

  • My choreography project The Fun, Fun, Fun, Dance won an honorable mention in the choreography exhibition. Watch video below, its pretty amazing.
  • Awesome summer vacation to Gun Barrel,  New Bransfuls for Schlitterbahn and the ranch with King A where we buried a llama. That was one for the books.
  • Glee (need I say more?)
  • Allyson H. came home from college to teach Musical Theatre with me. We are having a blast.
  • Cabaret at TUTS (despite what others may think I loved it)
  • 30 Rock and Parks and Rec
  • Turkey Lurkey Time (a dance we performed)
  • Only 3 semesters left until I have a B.A. I also managed to keep my 4.0 GPA. (somehow)
  • Good movies including, but not limited to, Up, Nine, Precious, Julie & Julia
  • Saturday Night Live became funny again, despite the absence of Tina Fey and Amy Pohler.
  • Some pretty awesome sleep-overs with my Mambo.

And last but not least….

In 2009 I started this awesome blog. That’s the best part of the whole year!

Hats off to 2010.

Its the little things that count.


Year in Review

December 30, 2009

The year 2009 sucked big time. I’m sorry there is just no other way to put it. Pretty much 2009=EPIC FAIL

So, as this awful 2009 draws to a close I thought it would be fun to play a little game. Just in case you  think I’m being over dramatic this will show you why I am so strongly against 2009. This is a segment I like to call Duck duck Dana reviews the highlights or more accurately put the lowlights of 2009.  Here are the important things that happened (in no particular order except how I remember them best):

  • A very tragic accident befell some of my close friends on June 3rd and resulted in the loss of one of them. This was the worst event of all my years thus far.
  • My dog Copper had to be put to sleep because of aggression problems in September. I never want another dog again.
  • I graduated from San Jac a month before I graduated in the first class of Clear Horizons Early College High School.  The high school graduation sucked as there were more school board members present than students graduating. Also all the student speeches were terrible (there were three). I only went because of  parental force. I will not be attending any high school reunions, so don’t even ask me.
  • I was having a ball dancing in all our productions and everything “for the last time” because I was going to Columbia College in Chicago. In July, my plans were ruined and I had to scramble to register at the University of Houston Clear Lake and face the embarrassment of telling everyone just kidding and that they got punked and I wasn’t really leaving. EPIC FAIL
  • I turned 18 in February and celebrated by going to a play at Clear Lake High School and out to eat with some dance friends. This is why I don’t have a boyfriend.
  • Speaking of boyfriends, not a single guy even feigned interest in me this whole year. My friends have started calling me a lesbian. (Disclaimer: not that I have anything against lesbians, I am a huge gay rights supporter, it is just not the lifestyle for me, but I do not mean to offend anyone)
  • One more time just because it was that much of a disappointment – I didn’t go off to college and the entire headache of trying to go deserves its own bullet point of shame. Just for emphasis, Chicago= EPIC FAIL
  • The economy crashed, just in case you forgot, so there was a period of a few months where pretty much no money could be spent on fun things.
  • My grandfather became very sick, forcing my parents to take a random week off in October to visit him in Chicago.
  • Lady Gaga did not come to Houston or anywhere near Houston, except for New Orleans on a day I couldn’t go.
  • I sprained my ankle for Christmas and had to hop around over break.

Are you getting the picture? 2009 was not my year. However I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I could be much worse off, yet at the same time things could have gone soooo much better.

Sorry for the pessimism, but this is how I feel.

Nevertheless, stay tuned for the positive 2009 in Review.

Christmas in lights

December 29, 2009

Christmas lights making up the top of a drive through tunnel at Santaland

A couple days after Christmas my family drove out to college station to visit Santa’s Town or Santa Wonderland or any other name involving Santa and a place noun because each piece of sign-age or advertising material had a different name for the place, seriously.

Anyway Santa’s Town is a little dose of Texas Christmas with a big fire, funnel cakes, warm nuts (go ahead and laugh because I know you’re that immature), apple cider, hot coca, Christmas movies playing on a big screen above an outdoor fire, live music (as opposed to dead music of course) and more. Its rather cute. However, it is most famous for its drive through or hayride through Christmas light display.

Christmas Trees made of lights

Now I’m really not the overly holly jolly hooray for Christmas type, but my family and I ventured through the hayride and I do have to say that it was pretty cool. The lights are LED, left up year round as the people who worked there kept telling us (like we cared, I mean even if the lights did have to come down I wouldn’t be the one taking them down so whatev). The part I liked the best though was that they made some of the lights look animated by having several of the same light character placed and timed in such a way that it was like a flip book. My favorite scene in the whole set up was by a little pond with a light up dragon fly and frog that both looked animated and cool looking leave plants.

The pond scene with its reflection

Overall it was a relatively low-key, calm, and enjoyable expedition, which is a rarity for my family. Of course we did drive in the same circle for like 20 mins trying to find Santa’s (noun for place) because it was off the highway and there were no signs pointing the way. My brother went so far as to say that it was scam and that it didn’t really exist, but then we found it.

So that was basically our Christmas since we didn’t really celebrate on the 25th because my dad had to work and I was hobbling around because of my ankle and we were just being grumpy overall.

So better late than never, Happy Holidays!

Posing in front of a giant Texas flag made of Christmas lights. I managed to leave the crutches at home for the first time since Christmas.

Dana’s Days of Christmas

December 27, 2009

I tried really hard to make my holiday adventures fit into the song the 12 Days of Christmas, but like everything else in my life it was kind of epic fail. Actually it wasn’t kind of…it was. Just think of this as your punishment for not submitting more Santa letters. Here goes nothing.

Sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas

Two nights before Christmas I fell and got a sprain

One Christmas in pain

Two nights before Christmas I slipped on a puddle in the dark

Two bleeding scrapes

Two nights before Christmas I went running and only got

Three houses down my street

Two nights before Christmas my mother said to me

Four warnings that I shouldn’t go

The day before Christmas I had to go to the doctor

Five x-rays of my ankle

The day before Christmas I got some bad news

Six days on crutches

The day before Christmas no normal doctors were open

Seven hours spent in Immediate Care

The day before Christmas I had to hop around inside the drug store

Eight strange looks from passerbyers

On the day of Christmas my only salvation seemed to be

Nine liquid capsule Advils

On the day of Christmas I spent most of it in bed

Ten times of icing my ankle

On the day of Christmas the only phone call we got

Eleven rings from somebody in jail

On the day of Christmas I did feel more popular than ever

Twelve text message greetings

Did you sing it?  Because the breakdown goes as followes:

12 Text message greeting

11 rings from somebody in jail

10 times of icing my ankle

9 liquid capsule Advils

8 strange looks from passerbyer

7  hours in Immediate Care

6 days on crutches

5 x-rays of my ankle

4 warnings that I shouldn’t go

3 houses down my street

2 bleeding scrapes

and 1 Christmas in pain

Drumroll please…

December 26, 2009

The winner of Holiday Hubbub is now being announced as promised.

The winner with the highest rating and most votes at that rating…

The winner of the 2009 Holiday Hubbub Santa Letter Contest…

The one who has the best writing abilities or the most friends (you can decide how he or she won for yourself)…

The winner who I didn’t vote for (because I didn’t vote at all because that would be unfair to pick favorites as contest moderator  haha and you thought I was being mean)….

Is the suspense killing you?….

Well anyway, how was your holiday?…

Just kidding.

I don’t actually care how your holiday was.

Just kidding.

I would like to know every single detail about your holiday.

Just kidding.

Now I’m being mean.


The winner of 2009 Holiday Hubbub sponsored by is….

KEN (Santa Letter #4)

Ken is the one not wearing the pink hat

Congratulations! Ken will be contacted about when his winnings will be delivered!

Thanks for playing with me everyone! Next year’s contest I’m sure will be even bigger!

P.S. My holiday stories coming soon.

Dear Santa #11- Allyson

December 21, 2009

Dear Santa, 

      Please don’t take this to offence, but don’t you find it odd how much faith and hope people put into you for not only toys, computer games, and puppies but also for happiness, love, and world peace?

      Let’s face it, your sugar filled diet of milk and cookies and more than jolly, rotund waistline don’t exactly make you the role model for our nation’s troublingly obese McDonalds-craving children. And these so called “elves” of yours, these implausibly cheery little people who work year long around-the-clock to hand-craft billions of toys and games in a large factory in freezing North Polar temperatures; how are we not so sure they are in fact enslaved children you have renamed to avoid increasing child labor laws? I won’t even delve into the connotations your cheery cries of “Ho, ho, ho” imply. I’ll suffice with the wonder one has when a disadvantaged child or family doesn’t receive their Christmas presents and dreams; maybe you dallied a little too long at your stop in Vegas. No wonder you’re so jolly. Poor Mrs. Clause, left alone, hidden in the arctic tundra, only a small house, no friends or family within a thousand-mile radius while you frolic the globe singing (with) your “Ho’s” and spending obscene amounts of money on the rich and spoiled children to have outlandish, unneeded horses, jet skis, and flat-screen TVs while the poor depend on the charity of the Red Cross’s and Children’s Hospitals’ donations.

Finally, you take all the credit for the cheeriness of Christmas morning away from the hard-working parents, grandparents, and loving family members who spent countless early morning hours waiting in lines—shoving, kicking, screaming, crying, pleading, stealing, begging, lying to get their child’s #1 gift on their Christmas list. Does little Sally or Jimmy say, “Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the awesome Wii!” No, they give all their thanks, love and cookies to the man in the big red suit. (And why red? Isn’t yellow supposed to be a happy color? Or how about something calming, like blue? Red implies STOP not Go, violence, blood, and cheap red lipstick. Is that supposed to be a hint into your less-than-exemplary lifestyle?)

      I think we all need to put a little more faith and hope in each other for the things we really want for Christmas. Look to friends and family for comfort and love. Even if you’re afraid to ask for it—it might be difficult, it might taint your pride, expose your pain, or touch on a deeply rooted family rift—but I think you’ll have more luck from your family than this Santa fellow. World peace would be nice, but I think everyone needs to achieve that inner-peace, Buddha-like happiness first. When you find yours, or if you’re having trouble, help a friend find theirs, because you never know, helping others usually helps yourself. Isn’t that the spirit of Christmas? Let’s leave this old, jolly guy to his “ho, ho, ho’s” and look a little closer to home for peace and joy.



Dear Santa #10- Aaron

December 20, 2009

Dear Santa,
People seem to be under the impression that you are God and can solve things like hunger and create world peace. These people need a little reminding of what the true spirit of Christmas is… getting PRESENTS!!! So I will go back to the time when the wise men brought free stuff for the baby-wonder (aka Jesus).

My wants change on a daily basis but today I most want a new pet. I do not care what it is really (but don’t try that Chameleon crap on me again). Maybe an elephant or giraffe… something easy.
I would also love a village to rule over. I already have the “being a king” part under control so all I need are peasants and houses so call my own. I’m perfectly happy continuing to shout orders at strangers, but they tend to ignore me. Now if I was officially the king of them they would have no choice but to surrender their snickers bars when I ask, now would they. Also a new crown wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks Santa,
King Aaron

P.S. The car you gave me last year was a little faulty. You may need to talk to those elves.