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Getting Weir

February 27, 2010

Since I seem to be the absolute worst blog-updater ever, please enjoy this entertainment I found you about Johnny Weir. This is quite humorous, so please don’t take it offense or anything.

Props to my friend Anthony for stumbling across this. Enjoy.


Header # 2

February 22, 2010

This is your second choice…

Header # 1

February 22, 2010

This is your first choice…

Pick your fave

February 22, 2010

Since it was on my 101 list of things to do and because I felt like I really needed one…I have designed a permanent header! Hopefully this will make up for being a lame updater this month.

However I made two of them, completely different, so I need you to pick which one you would rather. I am posting the picture version of them in two different posts and just rate the header using the stars at the top of the post to vote for your favorite.

The header that you guys pick will be featured as the permanent header exactly one week from today, so please help me pick!

Also if you have any better ideas, I would love to hear them! I might not like the ideas, but I still want to hear them.

*Thanks and love

Duck duck Dana

Remember that time

February 21, 2010

So I am going to be a copy cat and do another “Hey Remember that Time” post like King A, however I did come up with this idea first, so it’s not completely unoriginal. My inspiration came from the Regina Specktor song “Remember that time” from her album Begin to Hope, you should listen to it. Anyway here are some things you may or may not remember. If you do then we should chat sometime and if you don’t than you can just feel left out.

Hey remember that time when I would blog everyday. (Sorry about that. I’m trying to be better)

Hey remember those times we had rehearsal at 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings, and we loved it.

Hey remember that time we wore crazy hats and lit candles in a circle.

Hey remember that time when we didn’t even care if boys liked us.

Hey remember those times we had to have our parents drive us everywhere.

Hey remember that time we went out to eat and spilled like six glasses of water on the table.

Hey remember that time we got out of a late movie and that guy wearing overalls was showing us the way out.

Hey remember that time we put Max in the trash can and then laughed for hours.

Hey remember that time it was fun, fun, fun when we were laughing.

Hey remember that time we buried a llama.

Hey remember that time we sang a song in made up Chinese.

Hey remember that time when we changed all are “er”s to “a”s.

Hey remember that time we were covered in laurel and had no say and we had to wear our suits all day.

Hey remember that time I was going to give up on piano.

Hey remember that time when we had to “release the hounds”.

Hey remember that time when 5 of us tried to sleep in the full size guest bed.

Hey remember that time when we weren’t friends yet. Thank goodness we are now.

Weir of the day

February 21, 2010

Unfortunately, my dear, queer, Johnny Weir only came in 6th place in figure skating, which like nearly everything Johnny seems to do caused a bit of an uproar.

Johnny Weir

Several figure skating experts were surprised at Weir’s low score and think the judging was poor. I think Weir should have automatically won the Olympics with gold just for using Lady Gaga as his music. However, as Weir said himself, “figure skating is very political, and [he’s] a big personality.”

I am not too worried about Weir’s career because honestly, has figure skating ever gotten anyone total fame? If figure skaters do become famous, it doesn’t last very long because winter Olympics are only every four years and many skaters don’t even compete in more than a few competitions. Weir is already 25 and that’s considered old for a skater.

Weir, on the other hand, broke the ice (how punny am I?) with figure skating, but will be moving one to bigger and better things than just the Olympics. The Sundance channel premiered the series “Be Good Johnny Weir” in January and the movie “Pop Star on Ice” documenting Weir’s career through 2008 is set to be released soon (exact date TBA). So, I think Weir is going to be just fine. I also think there is a place for Weir in the celebrity world because he has the “star” persona and despite all the media hype already, I don’t think he’s overexposed.

Another upside to his possible rise to fame is that although very few people doubt Weir as being flamboyant, he has yet to publicly disclose his sexuality. This just adds another layer to the mystery and oddity of Weir himself.

Also I think some his hesitation to disclose his sexuality has to do with the fact that he was raised in a small Pennsylvania town surrounded by the Amish. Which after that knowledge, we have to ask ourselves, he is gay or just Amish?

Plus Weir also has some of my new favorite quotes. These are some of his remarks on “Be God Johnny Weir”, on coming in 6th place and about a recent spat with Olympic Host Eddie McGuire:

“When I’m good I’m good — and when I’m bad, I’m better.”

“For me, I take everything as a game.”

“I like to poke fun at people, there’s no harm with that, it’s all in good fun.”

Wedding Update

February 20, 2010

A big THANK YOU. To all of you that voted for Jaclyn and Chad. They won the contest and will be married February 26,2010. How exciting is that?!?!

Congrats to them.