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Sigh of relief

April 28, 2010

So I took web design this semester and I have been working my behind off the entire fall on my final project.  This is my final web site, and I have to say that I am pretty pleased.Its not perfect, but it’s finally done so my sigh of relief is evident.

Some photos were contributed by CC Photography  and the videos were made a couple of years ago by my friend Becca for the studio. I created this site with RAFA students in mind, so just for your information. I created all the other visuals and came up with some of the content.

Please take a look. I’ve worked really hard.

And then if you’re feeling generous, please take my usability survey. The survey report is my last grade for web design.


Coming attractions

April 25, 2010

I know I am in kind of an end of April slump. There aren’t any holidays for a while, so that means few random days off work, but here are some cool attraction to keep us all motivated.

  • Season finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race is tomorrow. I am very excited. Jujubee better win. See her new web site .
  • Summer vacay is coming up. College kids get out in like two weeks (Thank the heavens above!) Although most of us still have to work, at least its less homework.
  • Getting the list done. Remember the 1001 thing in 101 days list I’ve got going? (Look back in Jan. archives if you don’t remember) Well I have done only about 12, so there is some catching up to do, but that’s what summer is for. Make your own list if you haven’t already.
  • Second City Immersion. Since I didn’t get that stupid internship I want so very much, (they went with the other person) I am going to Chicago and doing a week-long Second City Immersion program in Improv and Writing. I have registered and paid (and it’s non-refundable), so this is legit. All I need to get are my plane tickets. I simply cannot wait.
  • Job hunting. I am looking for another part-time gig for the summer (and maybe fall too, we’ll see) which is kind of fun because I am looking for mostly weekends/ some afternoons (because I am at the paper in the mornings, school at night, and teaching at the gym one of the nights) so its kind of entertaining because I’ve never worked retail or anything before, so this could be an adventure.
  • Wizard of Oz. The studio is putting on WOZ as our end of the year production at the Galveston Grand Opera House, and that always makes for a good time. Also I want to stay in Galveston for that weekend, so it could be cool.
  • Lady Gaga concert. July 26. See you there, unless you don’t have tickets, because I have floor tickets.
  • Glasses. I am on the hunt for fake glasses since I still don’t need real ones.
  • This cartoon:


People are just people like you

April 25, 2010

So I was in this really cool show called Grease, directed by this truly terrific director named Kevin Cahoon and it was quite a fantastic experience.

Photo by Rebecca Gladu

And I started to think about just how cool it is that even though Kevin is rather famous, (I mean 5 broadway shows, a band, an upcoming movie, etc. He’s made it, to put bluntly.) he is just so cool. He flew down to little old hoo-hum Clear Lake for like a month to direct and produce this spectacular prodction with a small venue and even smaller budget, yet treated us and the show as if it were a professional endeavor. Not to mention he became like besties with everyone in the cast.

Kevin is friends with Rachel Dratch (SNL, Spring Breakdown, various amazing plays, etc.) who King A and I both love. Every time we would see Kevin texting we would taunt him about texting Rachel and would pretend to grab his phone away from him and text her ourselves. So, yesterday after going out  to eat with most of the cast between shows, Kevin rode back to the theatre with me and King A. On the way there he called Rachel, told her how amazing we were, and let us say hello to her on speakerphone and tell her how much we loved her. How cool is that? That pretty much made my life. Like that moment is up there with some of the best highlights, one of those times when I say “Ok, if I died now it would be fine.”  Kevin is just that cool.

I just think I’m in shock that somebody famous and important could be so friendly, ego-less and cool while there are so many other non-famous, egotistical, bratty divas flouncing about. It made me think of Regina Spektor’s  Ghost of corporate Future line, “People are just people like you.” Kevin truly embraces and represents that sentiment and I know that when I become famous like him I will be just another person too.

Thanks Kevin, you’re the best. 

Now for my favorite Cahoon quotes:

“I’ll tell you benches when to move.”

“Gangbusters! Gangbusters!”

“A little love burst never hurt anybody.”

“This is show business. It’s never good-bye.”

Kevin and the cast of Grease

Those wonderful bygone days

April 25, 2010

Although I have been swamped with school (semester ends in 2 weeks), Grease rehearsals (it was a great show performed at UHCL this weekend. You missed it big time. What losers.) and trying to figure out summer plans, one thing I’ve been sure to make time for is thinking about things nobody does anymore. So here is a list of things I would like to make a comeback. Join me in my endeavors.

Wild West Draws – How come nobody ever participates in Wild West Showdowns anymore? You know the ones where one cowboy takes out his gun in the middle of the town road and yells “Draw” and all the town people scuttle into the nearest bar and the opposing cowboy (or sheriff) takes out his gun and the two have a stare down with close-ups on their intense, fierce, faces. Let’s bring those back. Draw!

Overalls – Sadly, nobody wears overalls anymore. Overalls are a great invention, I mean jeans that go all the way up to your chest, who doesn’t love it? Everyone should invest in some new overalls. And for the summer time? Shorts overalls that cover your chest but not your whole legs. Genius.

Look how happy they are in their overalls

Copies of your butt –  You know in all the movies how the office jerk, usually a young stupid guy who comes in hung-over frequently, pulls his pants down and sits on the copy machine to make copies of his butt? Look at me in the eyes and tell me you’ve never thought about doing that? It would be great. I think this should happen more because its funny. Gross, but funny.

Even cats think this is funny

Helping old people cross the street – Finally after committing all the above crimes of murder, bad fashion, and terrible office behavior in that order of course, why not find an old person and help them cross the street? Because you know cars don’t hit more than one slow person, so if you and an old person cross the street slowly than you both have a better chance of not being run over. Also its hard for old people to see, hear, walk, and carry their grocery bags at the same time, so you should make up for your bad deeds by performing a service. Like the boy scouts. Find an old person and a street and your good.

Where do you get this saved money?

April 18, 2010

Saturday Night Live had the best commercial spoof one time advertising this program for people who are in debt which had one rule, “Don’t buy things you can’t afford.” Well the in-debt couple in the spoof was very confused on this concept and kept asking questions like, “Where do you get this saved money?” and “If you want something, but you don’t have the money for it, do you buy it?”

I think about this all time, especially now, because it’s so true. My whole job situation is not the best right now and I could go into more whiney details, but I’ll spare you. However, basically I have been working since like 7th grade when I taught a mother’s day out program at my church over the summer. I’m not complaining because I like working.

Now I know that sounds weird so let me clarify, I may not always “enjoy” every second of working, but I feel like I have to have a job. I have the pilgrim/protestant work ethic going on and I have to have a job. I have to feel like I’m a responsible, contributing person in society that has money and can support myself  (well mostly, I mean I still live at home, but I do pay for most of my own stuff and if I had to support myself I could) and not a hobo bum (no offense to either hobos or bums.) I mean I currently have 3 jobs and to me this is no big deal. I could never be unemployed for very long because I would probably go crazy and end up waltzing into the nearest fast food joint, hop  behind the counter and start serving people. It’s that bad.

Anyway this summer is posing a little uncertainty and I’m wondering why I don’t know of more people who are facing this challenge with me. I know there are lots of people unemployed and getting laid off because of the economy, and I feel for them, but I’m talking why aren’t any of my other college friends having this problem?

I know several of them that only work one or two shifts on the weekend, or they have some kind of semi-legit job at the school, or they don’t work at all. Then, these same people who probably don’t have very much money are always buying overpriced food from the school bookstore and eating out for lunch and basically breaking every single penny-pinching rule in the book (did I mention that I’m also kind of miserly, not like Scruge-bad, but I only will buy something if it’s on sale like 95% of the time).

So where are these kids getting this money?  Does everyone have rich parents/grandparents who pay for them or have some relative who left them a fortune? And if so can I find out that I’m really adopted? I mean I had one of my friends the other day tell me he’d be cool with not working at all and just going to school. Well, duh. Who wouldn’t be ok with only having to worry about school things? Yeah I would like to not work to, but that’s not how reality works, because then I’d owe millions in student loans and be so in debt for the rest of my days that they wouldn’t even enough money to bury me and they would just throw my body over the Baytown bridge. So why does it seem like I’m the only one losing sleep over this?

I know money isn’t everything. But its a lot of things and without money you wouldn’t have anything. So in a way money is everything because money is everything you own, so its kind of a big deal. So please somebody tell me, where are these kids getting this saved money? And can I have some too?

Little monster victory

April 16, 2010

Lady Gaga

I got floor tickets for Lady Gaga’s July 26 show at the Toyota Center, that sold out in like 5 mins. I just wanted to share that so everyone who doesn’t have tickets can feel bad about themselves. Just kidding. Kind of.

I feel your pain (or rather used to), my ticket-less readers, because last week I tried to get tickets and I typed in the security code wrong and by the time I got a new code and typed it correctly the show was sold out. I was super mad because something like that would happen to me.

But, when Lady Gaga found out that two of her biggest little monsters, King A and myself were not going to be able to attend her first show, she immediately added another one. So in a way its good for everyone that I was thoughtful enough to get Lady Gaga to add another opportunity. Another show. Which I have tickets for. (This is where I would stick my tongue out at you if I wasn’t so very mature.)

Invention of the day

April 12, 2010

Part of me has always wanted to be an inventor, granted nothing I come up with usually ever works, but this evening I stumbled upon a culinary invention.

I call them Preztalronis or Peppeztals, take your pick.

Take a preztal crisp

And top it with a pepperoni

It is the perfect combination of crunchy and crispy but at the same time spicy and a little chewy. It’s pure culinary genius. All of my financial problems will be solved once I get this patented. I’m going to be rich, thanks to preztalronis/peppeztals, just you wait.