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My favorite me moment

May 23, 2010

“Vanity, it’s so good to be: Popular and glamorous, we love ourselves and no one else. Vanity. VVVVanity.”- Lady Gaga

On Saturday I went out to a late night dinner with a group of my friends, which always means lots of laughs and great fun. We were talking about dance things, of course, when one of my friends reminded us of a funny thing that I did in ballet once (I tend to do funny things in ballet a lot so I really don’t remember which one.) We were all laughing at the retelling of this story when I decided to tell another,

“No,” I said. “My favorite thing that I did in ballet this year was…”

Right away everyone started cracking up and I didn’t realize why until I had thought about what I said. Basically I was telling them a story about my favorite me moment, and how conceded is that?

Obviously we all laughed about it and they let me tell the story anyway, but I have to wonder just how many other times in my life I’ve acted like a total diva and haven’t even realized it. I like to think I’m humble, not in a heroic kind of way, but I don’t often parade around and throw my achievements or luck in other people’s faces.  However, I  like to pretend to be vain in a mocking, satiric kind of way, that I think sometimes can be misinterpreted for how I really am, so on occasion that gets me in trouble, but otherwise I don’t think I’m very snotty.

I am the first to make a joke about myself and I’m not easily offended, but in all honesty I do like the limelight. I never thought I liked being in the spotlight more than I should, until now when I think may be I need to carry a recorder around with me to tape all the me moments I might be letting slip in my everyday life.

While lack of communication is really the root of all evils, vanity is probably a close second. So pretty much the moral of this story is to be aware of having too many “me” moments and not going overboard, because as depicted in every hollywood teen movie ever made, the popular plastic girls and boys don’t win in the end.


Choreography part II (Sexy a first time?)

May 17, 2010

Alright, so I neglected to mention this on Saturday because I wanted to wait for some of my friends to post pictures.  

 If you remember, which I do, last October through December I was pretty much dying to do/be/look/wear something/anything that would be considered sexy. After lack of accomplishment and lack of ideas, I kind of gave up.  So then of course, when you stop looking, the opportunity presents itself.

Take a bit of my bad girl meat, show me your...

 King A  choreographed a piece to Lady Gaga’s ‘Teeth,” which is pretty much one of the best songs ever in the world, but I digress. This dance screamed sexy and although I didn’t think I could pull it off, in my opinion, I totally rocked that number.


It was a crazy fierce dance, and after watching a video of it, I was just immensely pleased with myself because I didn’t look retarded, or like I was trying to hard and I didn’t forget anything (except for this one minor part) and I was just…. sexy. It was awesome. I am going to have to get myself a recording. I mean I would even pay money for a copy of it, that’s how amazed at myself I was.

Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

So while I may not have brought sexy back, at least I brought it a first time. 

And props to King A for being the King of Sexy and Rebecca Gladu for the awesome photos.

A lot of people laugh at you

May 17, 2010

I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I consider myself a pretty good dance teacher. I started assisting dance classes in 2006 and have taught on and off since then.  Also, I started teaching dance to some gymnastics girls at the start of this year,who had little previous dance experience, and many of their coaches have commented on their improvement in just these few months. However, when it comes time for me to actually dance, I rarely have a clue what is going on.

 I do not pick up fast, which is an awful trait in the dance world, and I often forget what I’m doing halfway through and rely on my muscle memory to get me the rest of the way through the combo. It is like there is a missing link between my brain telling my body what to do and my body actually doing it, which is why I think I make a good teacher.

Anyway, this trait is the worst in ballet class because my teacher likes to give combos that switch legs and directions and the like, which is when I like to make up my own versions.  Well, last week my ballet master, who I do dearly love (no sarcasm), was getting on to me. He said that I always messed up combinations because I don’t think about what I’m doing. And he makes an extremely valid point.

During a comb I will start thinking about how the people around me are doing, or that I finally had the right arms, or that I should remember this combo to teach to one of my own classes. And while I’m thinking all those things, I totally forget what I’m actually supposed to be doing. I mean the times I do think I’m not half bad, but those times are a rarity.

So that has kind of become my niche in ballet class, cause I have made up some pretty crazy stuff in desperation when attempting to match the actual steps. But last week, while telling me about how I should think about the actual steps all the times and not just on occasion my teacher was trying to find reasons to persuade me, I guess, and he said, “A lot of people laugh at you. I wouldn’t like it if all those people laughed at me.”

So I thought about this, because he makes another valid point, normally people don’t like to be laughed at, but I do. I don’t care if they laugh, in fact I kinda like that they laugh. And I think I like their laughter  because I was not born to be a great dancer, and I’m cool with that, so instead of the “wow” factor, I do what can and get the “funny” out of it.

I just lend myself to be comic relief, not just in dance, but in pretty much all areas of my life, so I think when it comes down to it, there’s a part of me that purposely sabotages my ability to remember the steps in order to get laughs. I know that sounds weird, but after giving this some thought I really think it’s a plausible hypothesis.  Being the butt of a joke  or a ballet combo doesn’t really bother me, and I don’t know if that’s because I have no self-esteem or to much of it, but that’s really up for interpretation.

So, although I am going to try to think more about ballet while in ballet, I make no pinky promises. Because I do me much better than I do ballet.

Why I can’t be a newscaster

May 15, 2010

So I never posted this before, but last spring I had to do a video story for my newspaper class. I had to make a newsy or feature video like you would see on the nightly news. I completely forgot all about this video until I stuck my name in YouTube today, so I thought, why not make everybody remember?

Being an artist, I chose to film the making of a dance piece by the dance department remembering Hurricane Ike, since it was the one year anniversary from when Ike destroyed so many homes and affected so many lives along the Gulf Coast.

The beginning is hilarious because I am absolutely the worst at being on camera and the entire video is not the greatest, as I had to edit it and everything myself and I was doing it all for the first time.

You would have to give me an “E” for effort though.

Dana with a “Z”

May 15, 2010

Every year the studio has a choreography exhibition where we all get to come up with our own pieces and then perform them for some judges and whoever else wants to see them.

These are always really fun because you get to do whatever you want. In my case, this usually means something funny or something in which I am the star.

This year the dance was a little bit of both. We did “I Gotcha” from Liza with a “Z” because I wanted to be Liza Minnelli. The dance was not very difficult choreography wise, and I pulled a total Rupaul and did a lot of lip sync. My mom said I looked like a drunken hooker, but I was channeling Liza, so it was for the sake of the piece.  

Anyway, the end was a total disaster as everyone somehow got off music, one of my earrings fell out and I tripped a little bit, but none of that really matters. We all had a blast and it was just fun, which is my philosophy on the choreography exhibition in general; just have fun and do what you want and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or being overly artistic and it will turn out great (at least mostly).

So enjoy, “Look at me, Look at me” with video by the great Kelly Eastwood!

Calling all Mickey Mouse Club Memebers

May 13, 2010

So like pretty much all of my grandiose, larger-than-life ideadream (yes that’s one word) , its kind of long story. But basically, in a nutshell, I am considering possibly working at Disney World for a semester.

I am sort of investing how this could all go down, as there are several different “paths”, so I would like to talk to somebody who had worked, in any capacity, at Disney before.

If you have or somebody you know has been or is a part of the Disney family, I would love to just hear about your experience and maybe get some tips on what I might need to do. So, please, I beg of you, to let me know.

My grandiose, larger-than-life, over-the-top, next to impossible, completely ridiculous, wonderful, amazing ideadream.

Duck duck Dana’s story

May 9, 2010

While helping (and by helping I mean practically doing,) my brother’s homework, I stumbled upon this site that is too cute.

Animoto lets you create an account and use pictures and your own text as well as music (either yours or their’s) to create a video. The effects are very cool, its super easy to use. and I like to think of this as like a movie preview/coming attraction kind of thing, because that’s just what it remind me of. Also its a sel-expression form and could come in really handy for dreaded and boring school presentations. The only downfall is that you cannot control/customize everything, but that’s also an upside since every video is different and there’s always a surprise element. The whole product was created by people in the entertainment industry, so you know it’s both artsy and profitable.

Anyway, you can get a couple of different kinds of free accounts, although the most basic accounts only allows you to create 30 second videos, unless you want to pay. Nevertheless I still think its entertaining and a cool technology gizmo to try if you ever get any extra time.

Here is my first little creation. Enjoy and then go make your own.

Duck duck Dana’s story.