My friend King A got a hair cut (see post below for photos). He had this mega, big sexy hair, white boy afro and now he has cut it to almost a Donald Trump onion loaf, but gayer and better looking.

It seems like everywhere we go now, everyone is saying how great his hair looks and how different it is, etc. I’m pretty sure people we don’t even know are coming up to him and telling him how much they like his new hair.

This constant attention is especially bad since its been summer, so its been a while since anyone has seen anyone else, so coming back with a drastic change is an even bigger deal now than in normal times.

And it made me think how I have always wanted to have one of those drastic summer changes, like in the books and movies, where the ugly high school girl comes bach after summer and looks amazing or how like Jared from Subway goes back to his office one day and has just magically lost 2,000 pounds. I need drastic.

I mean I feel like I’ve changed this summer, but it’s not outward appearance changes that people would notice or comment on. I seem, at least on the outside anyway, exactly the same as I have been for the past several years. I need drastic.

I go through phases like this all the time, where I just get so anxious and upset that nothing is different, but eventually they pass and I resume my usual life style and just tell myself the drastic is coming. But something drastic has yet to happen.

I think this phase has been affected by Lady Gaga. I want to do something as exicting as she does and wear crazy clothes and go around flaunting my BA self, but at the moment that’s not all that possible. I mean I don’t think the Chamber would appreciate me showing up in a pair of homemade hot pants and rainbow heels and tape X’s over my boobs.

So here I am, dying for drastic and only getting compliments about King A’s hair.

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