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The Countdown Begins

December 27, 2010

Hey everybody did you hear the news?

No I didn’t break my arm (SNL reference). The Countdown has begun…

As promised:


I’m dreaming of…

December 25, 2010

So this evening my mom and I gathered around the computer to watch Irving Berlin’s A White Christmas,from 1954, with Bing Crosby, Danny Kayne and Rosemary Cloony, to name a few of the leads. My mom grew up watching musicals like this, State Fair. Gidget, Beach Blanket Bingo and the list goes on. So of course I have seen my fair share of them, which is probably where my love of musical theatre all began.

One of my Christmas presents was even a DVD with 10 broadway musical classics, like Ziegfeld Follies and such. My mom asked me why I don’t take time to watch more of these great classics and I realized that I don’t like to watch them because they make me sad.

I want a romance that begins with a guy swinging me around on the dance floor to a perfectly choreographed routine. I want to wear feathers, showgirl hats, fancy heels, fish nets and sport a perky, curly bob. I want my friends to harmonize with me and burst into song at restaurants, on trains, in the rain, on the street, in the bathroom and anywhere else we would happen to be breathing. I want to travel with a trunk. I want to sing and have an act with my sister. I want to have playbills and posters with my name on them. I want my life to be a musical.

But sadly I live in reality.

So as much as I adore these musicals, I can’t help but feel like I was born in the wrong decade every time I see them.

Nonetheless I do hope you  enjoyed your holiday, whatever you celebrate, and that you at least have A White Christmas within your heart this evening.

Happy Holidays!

And here is the full length movie we watched. Gotta love YouTube.

It’s the thing where I vlog

December 25, 2010

So I thought I’d give this a shot.

No Scholarship to Life

December 11, 2010

“What are you gonna be, when you get shoved outta here, honey ain’t nobody gonna be standin there with no scholarship to life. And I was scared, scared, scared, sacaaaaaaaaared! Our braces gone, our pimples gone, our childhood gone goodbye.” – A Chorus Line

College is over. At this time one week from today the horrid graduation ceremony (that whole story is for another post) will be over. I will have a B.A. in communication and will be on my way. At this time right now I have no more assignments or school things I can worry about and all I can do is wait for my grades.

It’s very surreal. And also slightly terrifying.

It seems like all of this school business is over before I even stopped complaining about it. And while I’m happy to be done, the question is now literally, what am I going to do with my life?

Obviously I have plans for Disney World (where I leave to go to in exactly one month from today – ohdeargod), but after that I got nothing. This is all very exciting, but I like to have things to plan for and worry about. School was a plan and worry outlet before and of course getting ready to leave is filling up part of that void, but it still feels like something’s missing.

It’s a very hard to describe feeling and I’m sure quite over dramatic and ridiculous, as I tend to get, but it’s how I feel all the same.

College was safe. Even though I didn’t love it by any means, you sound pretty legit when you say you are a student. College was safe. Especially since I lived at home and my school was like 10 minutes away from my house. College was just safe.

Once you graduate, however, you lose that security and you have to put forth a lot more effort to sound legit and not like a  graduated bum (especially with a slightly bogus degree like Communication, but at the same time aren’t all degrees overrated?).  Once you graduate, nobody is there handing you scholarships and commending you on your academic performance, or takeing pity on your monetary poorness. Once you graduate, that’s it.

Welcome to the world of responsible adulthood.

Oh shit.

Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat

December 4, 2010

So I am just full of cheesy Christmas cheer this season, which it certainly different from the Scrooge I usually am.

After a black Friday trip to my fave local thrift shop, Vale Village, where I got an awesome two-sided Christmas vest, obnoxious Christmas sweater with elves hanging off of it and the most god-awful, yet amazing denim Christmas dress, I decided it was time to get in the spirit.

I honestly think it was the vest that did it for me. I love holiday vests. Seriously. I love how obnoxious and funny and retarded they are, but I grew up loving them with sincerity.

When I was younger, my mom would get me a Halloween vest and a Christmas vest from like Wal-Mart or Target and I would wear it to school and feel excited for the upcoming holiday and get compliments from my teachers about how cute I looked. As I started to get older, chunkier and not so cute, I still wanted to wear my holiday vests, even after everyone including my mom told me they were no longer something I could pull off.

My holiday bubble was burst in intermediate school when kids and puberty are at their peak meanness. After being made fun of to a dramatic extent in 6th or 7th grade, the holiday vest wearing ceased and my holiday spirit went with it.

I am pleased to say that both the Christmas vest and spirit have returned because I no longer give a damn about what people think of me. Besides, I look really cute and I have so much fun wearing my vest.

Much to my mom’s chagrin, I have brought back Christmas music and sing every third word correctly (because does anyone really know more than the chorus to Christmas carols?) while around the house and I am really good at buying presents for myself, which has also given me joy.

Today my mom and I braved the mall to shop for my brother and my dad, although we were mostly there to “search and rescue” since the two of them are impossible to shop for. What we thought was going to be a wasted trip after the horrendous parking experience where we almost died like 6 time, turned out to be a blast from the past. We visited the Toy store, ate kids meals for lunch and I got my picture with Santa since I was wearing my Christmas vest. It was so awesome and Christmas-ey.

Santa likes to tell dirty jokes.

There is more to the whole Santa picture story, but that is for another post.

So for now, I will leave you with this great old-time Christmas song that you really have to make-up words to.

For one of those days

December 1, 2010

Sometimes, or rather often, life things get extra extra mega craze. So I like to do little things to make myself feel better and a little less craze. One of my fave craze-relieveres is Marc John’s blog. Marc Johns is my absolute favorite artists because he has an off-beat sense of humor and his drawings are pretty simple yet ridiculously effective.

When I have a lot of money, I am going to buy all of his art and put it up around my place of residence. Also If I ever get a tattoo, it would be of one of his drawings (most likely one of the ones below). He puts of pictures people send to him of his tattooed drawings, and they always look as good on skin as they do on paper, so I think that makes Marc Johns a pretty legit artist in itself.

Here are my 2 absolute fave drawings of his:

The other thing I like to do is watch Very Mary Kate videos.  Very Mark Kate is the unofficial biography of Mary Kate Olsen and also extremely quotable and funny because she just says the craziest things. The videos are only like a minute long, but my friends and I also manage to get at least one quote from each. Its terrific. You should check it out. And in conclusion, talking makes me tired…