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February 23, 2011

So Courtney and I are absolutely in love with the soundtrack from MK’s nightly fireworks spectacular, Wishes. The songs are just so Disney and inspiring and hilarious. Since we love it so much, I of course had to buy the soundtrack CD and now consistently blare it in the apartment, on the beezy and from my iPod.

To give you a little tastey-taste, I made a quick little slide show of some of my favorite Disney pics so far, mostly because I just though you needed a visual to fully appreciate the song, as you can’t watch the fireworks. So you get to watch me.

And indeed wishes do come true because King Aaron is coming to visit me in 21 days (You have no idea how excited I am)! And I get to go home for a weekend and the Gaga concert (yay for food, family, my bed and Gaga!). So many of my wishes have been coming true lately, I hope this trend continues.

And I hope all your wishes come true too. Just do as dreamers do.

Have a magical day!


On a scale of normal to Disney

February 16, 2011

I love it here. Really. I am having a great time and have no regrets about coming here.

However, some of the people here are crazy. Not crazy-funny, crazy-cool or crazy-fun, just verifiably nuts. Which is why my roommates and I have developed a scale of  normal people (like us) to Disney people, which is our technical term for these insane folks.

Now I know entertainment people are all a little off kilter, but I can handle that kind of crazy. And my trainer, traditions leaders and people who are higher up in the ranks of Disney are all very nice, helpful, friendly and normal, but these College Program kids top off at the Disney end.


Not created by Disney - but how I feel sometimes.


Let me give you some recent examples.

In a break room at Studios one of the  CP character attendants, Ben, came in on break and saw a CP performer who is frequently there. Ben sat down next to the performer and loud enough for everyone to hear Ben begins telling the performer and the entire break room about the dream he had.

“I had weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I was stuck in a bag of Wildberry Skittles and it was time for me to go on set and everyone was like ‘where’s Ben?’ but nobody would get me out of the bag of Skittles.” – Ben

“Wait, what are Wildberry Skittles?” – Ben’s performer friend

“The purple bag. I was stuck in a purple bag of skittles” – Ben

“Was it like a giant bag of Skittles with huge Skittles or was it like a normal size bag of skittles?” – A listening CP performer

“I think it was a normal bag of Skittles because the Skittles were smaller than me, but I wasn’t like tiny, so I think it was a giant bag filled with normal size Skittles…. and me…..and nobody would open the bag. Isn’t that weird? ” – Ben

These kinds of conversations also happen all the time on the beezy (beezy means bus because its much more fun to say and because its better during rants). The majority of the CP buses are always crowded and while that wouldn’t be so bad, except half the people on the crowded bus feel the need to talk loud enough for the whole bus to hear and “be jealous” (or something) of their conversations. They also have to consistently brag and talk about how they work at Disney World. Guess what guys, everyone on a CP bus works at Disney World, so why would we care? This is especially true of the Quick Service Food and Beverage cast members who walk around with “I hate my job” looks and talk loudly about how much they hate their lives. Did you not read any information at all about what you were getting yourself into when you signed up for this program? Quick Service Food and Beverage means flipping burgers, deal with it or go home.

Anyway, the A beezy is the worst. This is the MK (Magic Kingdom) beezy, which is always packed and takes like 40 minutes. One exceptionally packed night, my roommate Courtney and I encountered what we now know as the MK Quartet from hell. These four CPs were standing in the middle of the bus singing show tunes, yelling (not talking), and two of the four were practically making love on the bus since the girl wouldn’t hold on to the standing poles and kept “falling” into her boyfriend’s peacock. We have learned to just go ahead and wait for the next bus every time we see these individuals now.

One more example to get my point across.

One of my roommates has a friend that talks every second of everyday. She is nosy, annoying and tends to just appear in our apartment or on our adventures. She literally just pops up out of no where and has us all like that scene in the movie Airplane! where the guy is telling the story of his past and everyone he sits next to finds a creative way to kill themselves while he’s talking.

Well one day this Disney girl found her way into our apartment and started talking to me about people who work in entertainment. She said that many of the people who work in entertainment, especially the guys, are gay. She then went ahead and straight up ( how pun-ny) asked me if I was gay. “Because I work in entertainment?” I asked her. No. I am not gay. But I do work in entertainment.

These people are killing me you guys. You don’t understand. This is why I could not stay in high school and I couldn’t go to an actual college.

These individuals are also the reason why people like my uncle believe Disney is a cult.

Double Decades

February 9, 2011

So of course my birthday celebration was bound to be magical, seeing at I do currently reside in the happiest place on earth.

I had to work both Saturday and Sunday of my birthday weekend, so the main celebration took place on Friday, Feb. 4th. My dear friend Courtney and I went to Downtown Disney where we ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich, the best sandwich place in all of the world and the universe. As Courtney put it, she didn’t wan to chew her sandwich, not because it wasnt good, but because she wanted to leave it in her mouth so that she could taste it forever.

After Earl’s, we browsed through the many Disney stores to walk up our appetite for round two at Ghirardelli’s, where we went to enjoy expensive ice cream. I got a chocolate strawberry and an Espresso Escape which was supposedly coffee chip espresso ice cream, with dark chocolate bits and dark chocolate hot fudge. However, I do believe Ghirardelli’s lied to me because I did not eat ice cream. I ate clouds doused in sugar and chocolate. I;m certain of that.

Clouds doused in sugar

Courtney got something called Strawberry Paradise or a name equally enthralling. Hers came with a chocolate strawberry on top, which is so what I’m getting next time.

Courtney's sugar-coated clouds

After eating our body weight in chocolate, we ventured to Downtown Disney West Side where we saw these people ( My new fave band. I loved them and you know I almost bought their DVD):

Some kind of awesome looking band

A living statue angel-girl, more cool stores, a fancy art gallery and decided to take a ride on this:

Let's take a ride on a hot air balloon (isn't there a song like that?)

Which allowed us to see all 43 miles of property including this:

View from above

The only catch was that you can’t see the Castle because the Contemporary Resort was built in front of it.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Courtney and I went to MK for Dole Whip and fireworks after I finished working at like 7:30 and then figured out a way to stay for extra magic hours, which I will not share with you because I don’t want to get termed.

When I got home, Courtney and Hannah presented me with a homemade cake:


And I pretended to blow out all the candles, since nobody had matches or a lighter.

My mom sent me this amazing birthday song:

And overall it was an unforgettable affair.


February 4, 2011

First of all, I feel like WordPress is lying to me because they said that this here blog got 157 views the other day. I find that extremely hard to believe. Clearly their viewing system is out of whack.

Secondly, I love this.


Raising Money for the Arts


This is a painting by Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel) from 1962, which benefitted a charity auction, entitle “Raising Money for the Arts.” I want this because I think it is just so perfecto and true and amazing. I found it in an art gallery at Downtown Disney and just cannot stop thinking about it. Its been put on my “When I get rich and famous…..” list.

Last, but certainly not least,


Caitlin is my birthday neighbor, since her birthday is on Feb. 5th and mine is on the 6th.

I wish her a MOST MAGICAL DAY!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine this evening, seeing as I have to work the next two days and it was super mega awesome including mega ice cream, hot air balloons and Mickey ears, but that is all for another post.