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Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

May 19, 2011

My poor dear neglected blog. Sorry. Bygones.

So I made it home from Florida. Everything was very magical and so on, which is probably why I stopped blogging. The magic became slightly mundane and by the end of it all I was more than ready to hightail it away from my crappy little apartment filled with roommates I barely liked/talked to and I was sick of hearing all the full-time people moan and complain about summer bids. In other words, I’m glad to be back at home.

But at the same time, I really do miss it. And there is a chance I might be going back there, but I’m avoiding that subject until I know for sure.

Currently I am unemployed, well actually between jobs, because I do have something lined up starting June 1st, but nonetheless I have more time on my hands now than I think I’ve ever had.

So I’ve started doing home work-out videos.

While home work-out videos may seem dumb, they are actually pretty fun once you get into it and they are extremely convenient. Think about it. The gym is great, but you have to fight with people to take turns on the machines and there is hardly ever extra room for stretching or sit-ups. Then you also have people watching you, or some may want to talk to you. Or maybe they are talking loudly to each other or have their music volume cranked all the way up. Then you have to drive to the gym and drive home all sweaty and gross. So much unnecessary stress to complete an activity that’s supposed to help relieve stress.

They are also the perfect cure for boredom and they get you moving because the “instructors” are always yelling out words of encouragement (comedy gold I tell you).

  • “You can do it! “(when something is actually a little hard or just plain dumb looking)
  • “Are you ready for this?” (to build anticipation for a chance to literally do the same thing you’ve been doing one more time.)
  • “One more time!”  or “One more!” (which translates into like 15 more.)
  • “You’re doing great!” (why are you sitting on the couch? move your fat ass.)
  • Asking the dancers/work-outers in the background how they are doing. (usually leads to cheers, yells, people passing out, grunts moans, or in Weight Watchers videos – brainwashing with success stories.  Even better is when the people say actual words back, which often vary in excitement and tone.

Not only that, but with all the home work-out videos available, you  have the option to do something completely different every day. You can zone in on different parts of your body, or try a crazy one for comedic effect. You can also pick out how long you’d like to work out – 10 minutes or an entire hour and half. You never have to do the same work-out twice and you’ll never get stuck doing the same old routine day in and day out (like you might at the gym. I know I do.)

My mom has a collection from over the years and there are also a ton on Netflix.  Last night I did a 44-minute dance party burn (complete with salsa, party funk and retro dance styles) with Jennifer and a mega queer guy and several other uncoordinated poorly dressed girls. Today I did a Weight Watchers video twice with Karen and Eliane (who was 60 years old and really getting down.) Everybody was wearing pink. I had to go change.

Who knows what I’m going to pick for tomorrow? Maybe a little Richard Simmons or perhaps some Super90X (the off brand version of the popular P90X). Or maybe I’ll even go totale 80s flashback.We’ll see what strikes my fancy.