A New Best Friend

My dearly beloved husband of 34 years, Aaron, will be trapezing off to the Big Apple next month and leaving me here all alone. This is mega roles reversed because I left him for Disney and he was miserable here and now he’s leaving me for NYC leaving me miserable.

So I am going to do what everyone does when left alone in despair. I am going to get a puppy.

I had a dog a few years ago who had to be put down and it just about broke my heart. After that, I swore I would never want to get a dog again.

I would just like to publicly take that back. I want a dog now, guys.

I am looking for a female puppy, preferably under three months old, so that I can train her to adapt to the ways of our crazy household and develop that strong puppy bond. I also don’t want a big dog because I hope I might be able to take her with me when I finally do leave. She has to get along with other dogs, since we have two and she can’t be mean.

I am looking at all the local animal shelters, but puppies go faster than older dogs since everyone wants a puppy (until they realize how much work they are and take them back – which is why all the older dogs are in the shelters). But, I just thought I’d put the word out in case anybody knows anybody who has puppies they are tying to give away.

I have seen a few potential puppy candidates that I hope to meet this weekend.

Kourtney - 2 months old


Lady Bug - 2 months old - but she has another adoption offer


June Bug - 6 weeks old

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2 Comments on “A New Best Friend”

  1. Corey Says:

    Kourtney needs to fix how she spells her name. That’s all.

  2. MOM Says:

    Remember this is YOUR BABY, so make sure you train, help buy food and pick up poop in the yard too. They do get older and maybe not so cute good example look at you two Robert & Dana). Also will not listen, talk back and leave a mess everywhere they go. Lie to your face – No I didn’t drink Dad’s coca cola or no I didn’t break your heirloom Xmas ornament and cost you lots of money in car repairs, accidents, gas money, food money, tutoring money, clothes money, shoe money, (Yes I did pay your Kohl’s) and everything else!!! Just sayin…

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