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Year in Review: 2011

January 1, 2012

This year was 365 days long. It had 52 weeks and 12 months. It was busy, full of Disney magic, new friends, new experiences, new puppies, sunshine and everything else that’s in the “everything nice” category. This year was also a little sad, kind of boring, slightly lonely, rain and everything else in the “life sucks” category. Here is a quick run-down:

January: I said goodbye to Aaron, RAFA, my family and Houston and moved to Florida on the Disney College Program where I worked in entertainment and really wished I would have driven my car there. I flew on a plane by myself for the first time and also for the first time in over 10 years. I didn’t die. I met my two best Disney friends, Courtney and Hannah, and learned that I hate sharing a bedroom.

February: I turned 20 in Disney, which was quite fun. Courtney and I went up to sky in a hot air balloon. More Disney Magic. I was asked to apply again for that internship I wanted so badly last summer.

March: Disney Magic.  Aaron and his mom came to visit me over spring break. We celebrated our 34th anniversary with pins and everyone in Mickey and Minnie’s que line trying to get us to kiss. Perfecto.

April: Disney.  I flew home for a weekend as my belated birthday present to see Gaga’s Monster Ball a second time. Fantabulous. Aaron and I ventured to this entirely bizarre rave with his then boyfriend. Not so fabulous.  I interviewed for that internship I wanted so badly yet again and I finally got it. I spent like $1,000 getting my stupid car fixed – something about belts. I flew back to Florida.

May: My family came to pick me up and stay for a week at the Wilderness Lodge. Have I mentioned Disney Magic? They “met” me at work  and my mom started to cry. We spent the night in Clearwater Florida before coming home. I enjoyed a few weeks of unemployment before that dream internship of mine started. I watched a variety of Jane Fonda exercise videos and wished I lived in the 80s, until I realized how pathetic I was and  joined the YMCA.

June: My dream internship started. I kind of didn’t want it any more. I had to ride the bus downtown twice a day. I wanted to die. I started training to join the Air Force, until I realized that was probably not the best idea. So then I decided I should go to law school, which seemed like a better idea. I interviewed for a weekend job as a waitress on a dinner cruise boat – I didn’t get it. I was invited back to RAFA and took the job.

July: I quit that dream internship. They were pissed. Bygones. I returned to RAFA to help with the BSW production of Willy Wonka. I was lonely, so I adopted my puppy, Foxy, from BARC. I went on a weekend trip with Aaron and Kate to Schlitterbahn as our one last hurrah – super fun. Foxy got really sick and took several years off of my life. Aaron, Kate and I went clubbing and saw our previous ballet master at the gay club downtown. I also saw one of my co-workers from the internship. Hilarious.

August: Foxy was still sick, but I hoped for a miracle and somebody up there granted me one. Foxy became a normal puppy. I said goodbye to Aaron as he left for college in New York. I started at RAFA full-time and ended up teaching Musical Theatre. I also traveled to Beamont to obtain my Zumba teaching license. I am indeed  “licenced to Zumba.” 

September: My only friends were Foxy and my parents. I was asked to co-direct RAFA on Broadway. I was also busy preparing for the LSAT in October.

October:  RAFA. I took the LSAT the same day ROB opened. I dressed up Foxy as a pirate for Halloween – she was really cute. I taught musical theatre on Halloween and dressed up like a snowman. I missed Aaron.

November: RAFA.  My LSAT score sucked. I decided to take it again in December. I took a weekend prep course downtown and then my dad and I drove to Austin for a practice proctored exam ( we got lost on the way there – my mom will never let us live that down). I did much better on the practice proctored and renewed my faith in the law school goal.  Foxy graduated with honors from puppy school. Aaron finally came home for Thanksgiving and I went with him to his grandma’s house to celebrate where I openly admitted that I will never be responsible for cooking/hosting a Thanksgiving meal. My dad quit smoking – major event.

December: RAFA. A little involment with The Nutcracker. I took the LSAT again and I’m still waiting for my score. We had to put our wonderful Riley down because he got really sick. My dad got a new truck – a Toyota Tacoma. I started truck shopping, only to realize what I want is much too expensive.  Against my will, I was dragged to celebrate Christmas in Chicago. The drive was long, Foxy and Holly had fun, I won $50 at Bingo with my Grandma, my dad started smoking agin from the stress, I tried to teach my Grandpa how the Internet worked and we almost got attacked by a pit bull.

That pretty much brings us up to date. The days were long, but the year was short.  2012 will probably be our last.

Happy New Year!