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Thank you for making me feel like a kid

April 6, 2011

I work at Disney World. I still have moments several times a week where I have to remind myself that this is for real.

However, it’s still a job.

Many people here, especially CPs, are envious of what I do. I’m not trying to brag or sound conceited; this is a true statement. You can ask anyone who has worked here. And I love my job, really I adore it. 4 out of 5 days.

What many of these envious individuals think about my job here, is not necessarily true because it is not all roses. There are frustrating guests, long hours, crappy locations and work conditions and all the other negative aspects that go along with any job, but of course nobody wants to think of those factors.

I’m more or less a realist and I knew going into this program that I would face these not-so-magical challenges and cope, which is why I am so sick of people constantly gushing over and glaring at me out of jealously because they wish they were in my massive shoes. Let me tell y’all, I’m exhausted. I’ve worked six-day weeks for the past three weeks because I have been picking up like crazy. The overtime pay is much appreciated, but I have gotten what feels like zero sleep and even less time to do anything else. I have no food agin, because Wal-mart seems to be an all day affair and I feel like I haven’t seen my roommates in months.

But then there are still things that reinforce the magic for me.

On the upside, Mickey’s new home at Magic Kingdom, TownSquare Theatre opened April 1st and I love it there. The rooms are themed as backstage of Mickey’s magic show, where he makes a curtain call to visit guests. There are hidden Mickey’s, park symbolism, magic tricks and all kinds of other awesome props and designs that make me feel like a kid in awe every time I visit. The imagineers did a terrific job. Minnie even visits Mickey sometimes too, which is very nice of her.

I love TownSquare and I personally like it so much better than ToonTown in every way possible.

Minnie and Mickey with Joyce the magical disappearing dove


Minnie and Mickey with Mickey's magic trunk

So in short, while my job is just that, a job, it has been the most magical, rewarding, challenging, fun and inspiring job I have held thus far and everyday I go to work feeling like a kid agin. As they say in Monopoly, I have no regrets.

Aren't they still so cute after more than 80 years together?


Clever Dads and other things I’ve learned

March 29, 2011

So here in Disney World, I have had the opportunity to truly observe, study and document guest behavior. And in the two and half months I’ve been here, I’ve seen it all. Really.

I’ve seen happy guests, pissed guests, sad guests, dumb guests, fantastic guests, excited guests, bossy guests, shy guests, old guests, young guests, foreign guests, American guests, baby guests, bitchy guests, fat guests…. and the list goes on. Despite all their differences though, many of guests share a few similar behaviors and traits across the board. Allow me to explain.

Filming: Guests film everything here. Literally everything.  Kids playing in the hotel pool? Film it. Entire rides (most popularly It’s a small world)? Film it. People walking by? Film it. Character meet and greets? Film it. Dinner plates and other meals? Film it. Trash on the ground? Film it. Suzy and Jacob brawling in the Kingdom? Film it. Kids asleep in the stroller? Film it. Dad yelling about spending money? Film it. Waiting in line to use the restroom? Film it.  I do not exaggerate.

I honestly don’t know how these people have enough memory on their cameras or video cameras for all this filming, but it happens. And while I understand here at Disney we are celebrating “Let the memories begin,” begin does not mean make sure to record every second of every day, should something happen that we need to remember forever. My parents did not film every moment of my first trip to Disney, yet I still clearly remember the parts worth remembering. If you are so busy filming, then you are not actually living out the experience and congratulations all you will remember from your Disney vacation is what you caught on tape.

And the other thing is: when are you going to watch all these videos? Are you going to watch Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride before you go to sleep each night? Or are the kids splashing in the pool the video you must see every morning? Besides to embarrass your kids at their wedding or other family members at gatherings/reunions or as America’s funniest home video potential, I bet that 80% of guests will never watch their homemade Disney memories again after they post them on Facebook.

Clever Dads: This one gets me every time. It’s that type of Dad that halfway through the day you want to tell them to shove it up their ass. Seriously. These dads are the ones that make the stupid, cliché jokes every time. They want to look like the funny guy and have all the attention on themselves. Sadly, nobody actually cares.

For example, when meeting a character they have to comment on whether the character is right or left handed. Guess what dad? All of the characters are ambidextrous because they have to sign so many autographs every day. Also why does it matter what hand Mickey Mouse writes with? He’s signing your book, right? Then be quiet.

Or going on a ride a clever dad likes to say “Oh I’m not tall enough” and his devoted family laughs like its the first time anyone every came up with that joke. The last 12 dads in line before you also came up with that one liner. Dumb comments to the characters are also common like “Are you a boy or a girl?” Clearly, Mickey Mouse is male and Minnie Mouse is female. Does anyone question your gender clever dad? Then again, shut the hell up.

Family Guy's Peter Griffith is a good example of a clever dad.

Obvious Questions: It’s become the biggest joke amongst cast members, but yes, guests actually have asked what time the 3:00 o’clock parade is. Asking the obvious is a common behavior for guests and I don’t really know why. It might be that they stop thinking because they are on vacation, or are overwhelmed by all the sights, smells, tastes and magic of Disney World. Or maybe it’s the sun that fries their brains, but nonetheless it happens all the time. Here are some examples:

When an attendant announces that their character’s line is closed and the guest comes up and asks if their family can get line. When a mom measures her kid to go on Space Mountain and the kid is too short, then asks if he can ride anyway. When a family gets a fast pass to come back at noon and they come back at 4 p.m. and ask if it’s still good. When a guest asks for free park admission because it’s their birthday. When a guest asks for half price admission because they are buying their ticket a 6 p.m. and the park closes at 11 p.m. When a guest asks if they can just stand in the middle of the walkway to watch Fantasmic! When a guest asks if they can just stand on the stage and watch Fantasmic…can you see my point?

Yet all we can do is answer their questions and wish them a magical day.

“I paid a lot of money for this!”: This is an attitude of entitlement that almost all guests share. They think that since they paid so much money and traveled however far they traveled to get to Disney World, that they are entitled to everything. This is true to a point, but it seems like most of the guests forget that pretty much all the other guests in the park went through the exact same thing, paid close to the same amount of money and also traveled. The same is true for anyone celebrating anything, especially birthdays; they think they should just own the park. Do you know how many people celebrate a birthday on any given day here? Thousands at least.

This attitude makes guests viscous toward other guests, hard to reason with or communicate with and quite frankly makes them a pain in booty to be around or associate with. Please don’t be one of these guests.

Gateway tahtoo

March 2, 2011

So King Aaron and I have matching tahtoos. I bet many of you didn’t know this, but we totally do. For his 18th birthday, Aaron wanted a blue dot on his foot to represent “The world as viewed from a great distance” ala Phobe on Friends. So on his 18th birthday, Sept. 26, 2010, the two of us went to this hippie tahtoo shop near Kemah and Aaron walked out with a blue dot. He wanted me to get one at the same time, but of course I was too chicken.

After seeing him get his done and deciding it was really cool, I wanted a dot too. Since the two of us are so connected, I also thought it would be a cool way that we could telecommunicate. For example, “My tahtoo is tingling! Aaron must be in trouble!” So during Christmas break, right before I was leaving to come to this most magical place on earth, we went back to the hippie tahtoo place and this time I walked out with a blue dot of my own.

The world as viewed from a great distance on my foot.

Well anyway, little did we know that our blue dots would be gateway tahtoos because now I really want another one. I know its dumb, unprofessional and so on and so forth, but I want one nonetheless. I’m not saying I want a “sleeve” or a gross one that covers my entire back, nor will I get one that will stretch out and look awful when I become old and/or fat.  I don’t even want it to be bigger than maybe one or two inches. But I want another tahtoo.

In an ideal world I would get this sun, drawn by Marc Johns, minus the words on my right wrist. The same place as Gaga’s peace sign.

I think it would be cool because then I would have the world on my foot and the sun on my wrist so that my body would be the equivalent of a solar system. But since I would never get hired anywhere with such a visible tahtoo, I know it’s not going to happen. Although, I can wish.

Because of that, I have been thinking about getting some Mickey Mouse ears on my hip, since I am a really big fan of Mickey and Minnie.  I would get one like this without the year and on my hip:

To make matters worse, it seems like tattoos come up in conversation all the time. My roommate Courtney has three, which are all really cool. Being performers, we all change and get dressed in front of each other all the time and so everyone sees everyone else’s tahtoos and then we end up talking about them. One performer I met has a tahtoo of Pluto one foot and Eeyore on the other. Sports teams seem to be popular, as do tahtoos in remembrance for a dead relatives. Its ridiculous.

My parents were slightly pissed that I got y blue dot, which I barely even count as a tahtoo since it would be so easy to cover up if I/when I ever need to. I know they don’t want me to get anymore….

but I really, really, really, really, want one.

Footnote***: I know tattoo is spelled wrong throughout this post. But tahtoo is a joke and also more fun to say. It’s a thing.


February 23, 2011

So Courtney and I are absolutely in love with the soundtrack from MK’s nightly fireworks spectacular, Wishes. The songs are just so Disney and inspiring and hilarious. Since we love it so much, I of course had to buy the soundtrack CD and now consistently blare it in the apartment, on the beezy and from my iPod.

To give you a little tastey-taste, I made a quick little slide show of some of my favorite Disney pics so far, mostly because I just though you needed a visual to fully appreciate the song, as you can’t watch the fireworks. So you get to watch me.

And indeed wishes do come true because King Aaron is coming to visit me in 21 days (You have no idea how excited I am)! And I get to go home for a weekend and the Gaga concert (yay for food, family, my bed and Gaga!). So many of my wishes have been coming true lately, I hope this trend continues.

And I hope all your wishes come true too. Just do as dreamers do.

Have a magical day!


February 4, 2011

First of all, I feel like WordPress is lying to me because they said that this here blog got 157 views the other day. I find that extremely hard to believe. Clearly their viewing system is out of whack.

Secondly, I love this.


Raising Money for the Arts


This is a painting by Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel) from 1962, which benefitted a charity auction, entitle “Raising Money for the Arts.” I want this because I think it is just so perfecto and true and amazing. I found it in an art gallery at Downtown Disney and just cannot stop thinking about it. Its been put on my “When I get rich and famous…..” list.

Last, but certainly not least,


Caitlin is my birthday neighbor, since her birthday is on Feb. 5th and mine is on the 6th.

I wish her a MOST MAGICAL DAY!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine this evening, seeing as I have to work the next two days and it was super mega awesome including mega ice cream, hot air balloons and Mickey ears, but that is all for another post.

Living the Magic

January 31, 2011

The latest installment in my Disney World endeavors.

Also I forgot to mention that my birthday is coming up on Sunday. I’m going to be 20 years old. Dear God.

Celebrate Today

January 26, 2011

So our apartment provided us with lockers that we could stow important personal belongings in if we brought out own combination lock. I was a little worried about my beautiful computer, so I had been locking it away in the locker for like the first week. Well that got old really fast because every time I wanted to use it I would have to go find the combo, figure out how to get the lock open (because this is not an area I excel in) and just get really irritated. Plus none of my roomies are gonna steal my business. I decided to stop putting the lock on the locker, but I still put my laptop in there because it was a convenient place given the fact that we have zero storage space.

I guess I was on the phone or distracted last week because one evening when I was dumping the laptop in the locker, I absent-mindedly locked the combo lock. When I went to get the laptop out the next day, I couldn’t find the combination for the lock. I tore apart all of my stuff but I couldn’t find it. I have a feeling I threw it away or something when I decided I didn’t want to use it anymore.

The laptop was stuck in the locker for like a week. It was mega mega extra safe.

I had training pretty much everyday last week from like 8:30 to 5:30 or 6, so I had to wait until Saturday when I was home to have maintenance come cut the lock. It was great.

Also last week I forgot my dumb name tag for the first day of training, I was literally held back because I could not master a certain skill necessary for my job (that was a grand old-time) and my first real day of work was a complete and total disaster where I lost some more important things (like my Disney I.D.) and even forgot a part of my costume. Also I got lost more times than I can count; all I can say is that Disney World is a very large place and each park does things differently.

However, I am apparently the only one to ever make a 100% on the assessment we took after training, and I did receive several compliments from my trainers about my animation skills.  I have gotten much better at the whole work thing and have been in the morning show at Magic Kingdom twice. I went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot as guest on Saturday, which was awesome and we had dinner in China the other night. I have met more characters than I can count and I still really like four out of my five roommates. I got a box from my parents with all kinds of goodies (like oven mitts) and I finally managed to get to the post office where I sent out three packages and like 20 postcards, so be on the look-out.


I told Pluto I liked his bandanna, so he let me wear it.



I am starting to get homesick because it no longer feels so much like summer camp or a temporary workshop kind of thing. Also I have a cold now, which sucks. On top of that, I am getting worried about what I’m going to do when May comes along. I would love to stay here, but the whole insurance, apartment, money situation might be an issue (when is it not?), especially since I am going to have to start paying off student loans. Also, the Internet still sucks, the buses (or beezeys) piss us off and the beds make my back hurt.

Overall I am doing just fine and despite my complaints I am still having a good time. The magic has  definitely not worn off, as I still get giddy every time I see Cinderella’s castle (even if its from the bus at 6:30 in the morning). Reality is just setting in and logic starting to override the happy little dream life I was starting to plan out.

But moving on,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Shout out goes to my brother who turned 14 on January 21st. YAY ROBERT!!! I was pleased with myself because I think I got him some good presents.


Photo by J. Nicole Images



And my birthday  is in 11 days. And I get to spend it in the happiest place on earth. So you better believe I’m excited. (Just not excited to turn 20.)

Till next time, HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!