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Double Decades

February 9, 2011

So of course my birthday celebration was bound to be magical, seeing at I do currently reside in the happiest place on earth.

I had to work both Saturday and Sunday of my birthday weekend, so the main celebration took place on Friday, Feb. 4th. My dear friend Courtney and I went to Downtown Disney where we ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich, the best sandwich place in all of the world and the universe. As Courtney put it, she didn’t wan to chew her sandwich, not because it wasnt good, but because she wanted to leave it in her mouth so that she could taste it forever.

After Earl’s, we browsed through the many Disney stores to walk up our appetite for round two at Ghirardelli’s, where we went to enjoy expensive ice cream. I got a chocolate strawberry and an Espresso Escape which was supposedly coffee chip espresso ice cream, with dark chocolate bits and dark chocolate hot fudge. However, I do believe Ghirardelli’s lied to me because I did not eat ice cream. I ate clouds doused in sugar and chocolate. I;m certain of that.

Clouds doused in sugar

Courtney got something called Strawberry Paradise or a name equally enthralling. Hers came with a chocolate strawberry on top, which is so what I’m getting next time.

Courtney's sugar-coated clouds

After eating our body weight in chocolate, we ventured to Downtown Disney West Side where we saw these people ( My new fave band. I loved them and you know I almost bought their DVD):

Some kind of awesome looking band

A living statue angel-girl, more cool stores, a fancy art gallery and decided to take a ride on this:

Let's take a ride on a hot air balloon (isn't there a song like that?)

Which allowed us to see all 43 miles of property including this:

View from above

The only catch was that you can’t see the Castle because the Contemporary Resort was built in front of it.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Courtney and I went to MK for Dole Whip and fireworks after I finished working at like 7:30 and then figured out a way to stay for extra magic hours, which I will not share with you because I don’t want to get termed.

When I got home, Courtney and Hannah presented me with a homemade cake:


And I pretended to blow out all the candles, since nobody had matches or a lighter.

My mom sent me this amazing birthday song:

And overall it was an unforgettable affair.



February 4, 2011

First of all, I feel like WordPress is lying to me because they said that this here blog got 157 views the other day. I find that extremely hard to believe. Clearly their viewing system is out of whack.

Secondly, I love this.


Raising Money for the Arts


This is a painting by Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel) from 1962, which benefitted a charity auction, entitle “Raising Money for the Arts.” I want this because I think it is just so perfecto and true and amazing. I found it in an art gallery at Downtown Disney and just cannot stop thinking about it. Its been put on my “When I get rich and famous…..” list.

Last, but certainly not least,


Caitlin is my birthday neighbor, since her birthday is on Feb. 5th and mine is on the 6th.

I wish her a MOST MAGICAL DAY!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine this evening, seeing as I have to work the next two days and it was super mega awesome including mega ice cream, hot air balloons and Mickey ears, but that is all for another post.