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I’m dreaming of…

December 25, 2010

So this evening my mom and I gathered around the computer to watch Irving Berlin’s A White Christmas,from 1954, with Bing Crosby, Danny Kayne and Rosemary Cloony, to name a few of the leads. My mom grew up watching musicals like this, State Fair. Gidget, Beach Blanket Bingo and the list goes on. So of course I have seen my fair share of them, which is probably where my love of musical theatre all began.

One of my Christmas presents was even a DVD with 10 broadway musical classics, like Ziegfeld Follies and such. My mom asked me why I don’t take time to watch more of these great classics and I realized that I don’t like to watch them because they make me sad.

I want a romance that begins with a guy swinging me around on the dance floor to a perfectly choreographed routine. I want to wear feathers, showgirl hats, fancy heels, fish nets and sport a perky, curly bob. I want my friends to harmonize with me and burst into song at restaurants, on trains, in the rain, on the street, in the bathroom and anywhere else we would happen to be breathing. I want to travel with a trunk. I want to sing and have an act with my sister. I want to have playbills and posters with my name on them. I want my life to be a musical.

But sadly I live in reality.

So as much as I adore these musicals, I can’t help but feel like I was born in the wrong decade every time I see them.

Nonetheless I do hope you  enjoyed your holiday, whatever you celebrate, and that you at least have A White Christmas within your heart this evening.

Happy Holidays!

And here is the full length movie we watched. Gotta love YouTube.