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Year in Review: 2011

January 1, 2012

This year was 365 days long. It had 52 weeks and 12 months. It was busy, full of Disney magic, new friends, new experiences, new puppies, sunshine and everything else that’s in the “everything nice” category. This year was also a little sad, kind of boring, slightly lonely, rain and everything else in the “life sucks” category. Here is a quick run-down:

January: I said goodbye to Aaron, RAFA, my family and Houston and moved to Florida on the Disney College Program where I worked in entertainment and really wished I would have driven my car there. I flew on a plane by myself for the first time and also for the first time in over 10 years. I didn’t die. I met my two best Disney friends, Courtney and Hannah, and learned that I hate sharing a bedroom.

February: I turned 20 in Disney, which was quite fun. Courtney and I went up to sky in a hot air balloon. More Disney Magic. I was asked to apply again for that internship I wanted so badly last summer.

March: Disney Magic.  Aaron and his mom came to visit me over spring break. We celebrated our 34th anniversary with pins and everyone in Mickey and Minnie’s que line trying to get us to kiss. Perfecto.

April: Disney.  I flew home for a weekend as my belated birthday present to see Gaga’s Monster Ball a second time. Fantabulous. Aaron and I ventured to this entirely bizarre rave with his then boyfriend. Not so fabulous.  I interviewed for that internship I wanted so badly yet again and I finally got it. I spent like $1,000 getting my stupid car fixed – something about belts. I flew back to Florida.

May: My family came to pick me up and stay for a week at the Wilderness Lodge. Have I mentioned Disney Magic? They “met” me at work  and my mom started to cry. We spent the night in Clearwater Florida before coming home. I enjoyed a few weeks of unemployment before that dream internship of mine started. I watched a variety of Jane Fonda exercise videos and wished I lived in the 80s, until I realized how pathetic I was and  joined the YMCA.

June: My dream internship started. I kind of didn’t want it any more. I had to ride the bus downtown twice a day. I wanted to die. I started training to join the Air Force, until I realized that was probably not the best idea. So then I decided I should go to law school, which seemed like a better idea. I interviewed for a weekend job as a waitress on a dinner cruise boat – I didn’t get it. I was invited back to RAFA and took the job.

July: I quit that dream internship. They were pissed. Bygones. I returned to RAFA to help with the BSW production of Willy Wonka. I was lonely, so I adopted my puppy, Foxy, from BARC. I went on a weekend trip with Aaron and Kate to Schlitterbahn as our one last hurrah – super fun. Foxy got really sick and took several years off of my life. Aaron, Kate and I went clubbing and saw our previous ballet master at the gay club downtown. I also saw one of my co-workers from the internship. Hilarious.

August: Foxy was still sick, but I hoped for a miracle and somebody up there granted me one. Foxy became a normal puppy. I said goodbye to Aaron as he left for college in New York. I started at RAFA full-time and ended up teaching Musical Theatre. I also traveled to Beamont to obtain my Zumba teaching license. I am indeed  “licenced to Zumba.” 

September: My only friends were Foxy and my parents. I was asked to co-direct RAFA on Broadway. I was also busy preparing for the LSAT in October.

October:  RAFA. I took the LSAT the same day ROB opened. I dressed up Foxy as a pirate for Halloween – she was really cute. I taught musical theatre on Halloween and dressed up like a snowman. I missed Aaron.

November: RAFA.  My LSAT score sucked. I decided to take it again in December. I took a weekend prep course downtown and then my dad and I drove to Austin for a practice proctored exam ( we got lost on the way there – my mom will never let us live that down). I did much better on the practice proctored and renewed my faith in the law school goal.  Foxy graduated with honors from puppy school. Aaron finally came home for Thanksgiving and I went with him to his grandma’s house to celebrate where I openly admitted that I will never be responsible for cooking/hosting a Thanksgiving meal. My dad quit smoking – major event.

December: RAFA. A little involment with The Nutcracker. I took the LSAT again and I’m still waiting for my score. We had to put our wonderful Riley down because he got really sick. My dad got a new truck – a Toyota Tacoma. I started truck shopping, only to realize what I want is much too expensive.  Against my will, I was dragged to celebrate Christmas in Chicago. The drive was long, Foxy and Holly had fun, I won $50 at Bingo with my Grandma, my dad started smoking agin from the stress, I tried to teach my Grandpa how the Internet worked and we almost got attacked by a pit bull.

That pretty much brings us up to date. The days were long, but the year was short.  2012 will probably be our last.

Happy New Year!


The Latest Chapter

July 21, 2011

So I quit my internship to go back to RAFA earlier than planned to help with Willy Wonka. The internship people were not pleased, to say the least, but its one of those things where I had to ask myself: in ten years, will this matter? Its been less than a week and I have yet to see it negatively impact my life. The internship was not a waste, however, because it taught me a lot of things about myself.

  1. I cannot commute to a job or anywhere for that matter. I hate it and it makes me so cranky I can’t function. If its more than like 20 minutes away from where I live, forget it.
  2. I must have variety. I cannot do the same thing day in and day out because I am easily bored and then with the cranky again.
  3. I like to work with or around people. I am capable of working alone, but I prefer to work directly with someone or for someone.
  4. I cannot stand ineffective communication. I will not tolerate it.
So, Wonka is going well, it’s a lot of fun to be basically teaching again and going back to RAFA is seriously like going home. And there’s rarely a dull moment, which is why I thrive. I would much rather be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. Although I would love to be a big fish in a big pond, ideally, I would not be have to be fish at all.
Anyway, in more exciting news. I got a puppy.
Introducing Foxy
AKA Sexy Foxy
I adopted her from BARC (the city of Houston animal shelter located in a legit ghetto). BARC had so many animals that they lowered their adoption fee to only $20 two weekends ago. So, basically I got her on sale, but then we took her home and the poor darling has so many aliments and illnesses that I have spent more than $500 at the vet so far. But look how cute she is.
She is four months and even our vet will admit that she has quite the prima donna personality, which is hilarious because I picked out a dog just like me. She is hell to give medicine to (which we have had to do a lot), she refuses to use the dog door to go outside, she doesn’t sleep at night and she is a little piggy with food, but I love her all the same. My parents love for her is debatable, especially since they do so much babysitting for me while I work and parade about the town. But look how cute she is.
Speaking of babysitting, Aaron, Kate and I are heading to New Braunfels this weekend for a trip to Schlitterbahn and Greene. Our own end of summer bash. We will be having way too much fun in the sun. I will probably come back the color of a tomato, but….

It’s been a long a time, but I’m back in town

June 30, 2011

So after returning from my stay at the kingdom, my life was in shambles. Not complete shambles, as I wasn’t a staving child or homeless or pregnant, but very large chunks of not-so-good.

Everyday I was picking a different profession to be or a different grad school major to study and I literally came this close to joining the air force. Yep, I started training for the physical fitness test by running (that was just entirely bizarre) and contacted a recruiter via online chat (also weird, but not as much as the running).

I did a little soul searching, which is why I haven’t written, because for the past month I have been nothing but irritable and whiney. Because of this my mom has also become my best friend, but thats besides today’s point.

As corny as that sounds, I really did have to come up with a new life plan. I had hoped to stay in the kingdom, but did not get either of the two jobs I interviewed for and being the person that I am, I live off my back-up plans so I didn’t have any back-back-up plans.

So after much deliberation and weighing of various options, I have decided to go to law school. My reasons are solid; it seems like the best and most profitable idea I’ve had yet, so why not? Of course, because I can never make up my mind, I am not going to be going to law school until next fall because of applications and the LSAT and all that jazz, which means I will be here in Houston for the next year.

Furthermore, I will also be returning to RAFA as the receptionist and gluestick to try and save some dollars for this very expensive endeavor I am undertaking.

I also am planning several other things to do this year, but details have been not confirmed so far.

So I just thought I’d make my decision official, because as we all know, nothing makes facts more true than when you find them online. Especially when found on Facebook. That information is always a 100% guarantee.


Thank you for making me feel like a kid

April 6, 2011

I work at Disney World. I still have moments several times a week where I have to remind myself that this is for real.

However, it’s still a job.

Many people here, especially CPs, are envious of what I do. I’m not trying to brag or sound conceited; this is a true statement. You can ask anyone who has worked here. And I love my job, really I adore it. 4 out of 5 days.

What many of these envious individuals think about my job here, is not necessarily true because it is not all roses. There are frustrating guests, long hours, crappy locations and work conditions and all the other negative aspects that go along with any job, but of course nobody wants to think of those factors.

I’m more or less a realist and I knew going into this program that I would face these not-so-magical challenges and cope, which is why I am so sick of people constantly gushing over and glaring at me out of jealously because they wish they were in my massive shoes. Let me tell y’all, I’m exhausted. I’ve worked six-day weeks for the past three weeks because I have been picking up like crazy. The overtime pay is much appreciated, but I have gotten what feels like zero sleep and even less time to do anything else. I have no food agin, because Wal-mart seems to be an all day affair and I feel like I haven’t seen my roommates in months.

But then there are still things that reinforce the magic for me.

On the upside, Mickey’s new home at Magic Kingdom, TownSquare Theatre opened April 1st and I love it there. The rooms are themed as backstage of Mickey’s magic show, where he makes a curtain call to visit guests. There are hidden Mickey’s, park symbolism, magic tricks and all kinds of other awesome props and designs that make me feel like a kid in awe every time I visit. The imagineers did a terrific job. Minnie even visits Mickey sometimes too, which is very nice of her.

I love TownSquare and I personally like it so much better than ToonTown in every way possible.

Minnie and Mickey with Joyce the magical disappearing dove


Minnie and Mickey with Mickey's magic trunk

So in short, while my job is just that, a job, it has been the most magical, rewarding, challenging, fun and inspiring job I have held thus far and everyday I go to work feeling like a kid agin. As they say in Monopoly, I have no regrets.

Aren't they still so cute after more than 80 years together?


February 23, 2011

So Courtney and I are absolutely in love with the soundtrack from MK’s nightly fireworks spectacular, Wishes. The songs are just so Disney and inspiring and hilarious. Since we love it so much, I of course had to buy the soundtrack CD and now consistently blare it in the apartment, on the beezy and from my iPod.

To give you a little tastey-taste, I made a quick little slide show of some of my favorite Disney pics so far, mostly because I just though you needed a visual to fully appreciate the song, as you can’t watch the fireworks. So you get to watch me.

And indeed wishes do come true because King Aaron is coming to visit me in 21 days (You have no idea how excited I am)! And I get to go home for a weekend and the Gaga concert (yay for food, family, my bed and Gaga!). So many of my wishes have been coming true lately, I hope this trend continues.

And I hope all your wishes come true too. Just do as dreamers do.

Have a magical day!

Double Decades

February 9, 2011

So of course my birthday celebration was bound to be magical, seeing at I do currently reside in the happiest place on earth.

I had to work both Saturday and Sunday of my birthday weekend, so the main celebration took place on Friday, Feb. 4th. My dear friend Courtney and I went to Downtown Disney where we ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich, the best sandwich place in all of the world and the universe. As Courtney put it, she didn’t wan to chew her sandwich, not because it wasnt good, but because she wanted to leave it in her mouth so that she could taste it forever.

After Earl’s, we browsed through the many Disney stores to walk up our appetite for round two at Ghirardelli’s, where we went to enjoy expensive ice cream. I got a chocolate strawberry and an Espresso Escape which was supposedly coffee chip espresso ice cream, with dark chocolate bits and dark chocolate hot fudge. However, I do believe Ghirardelli’s lied to me because I did not eat ice cream. I ate clouds doused in sugar and chocolate. I;m certain of that.

Clouds doused in sugar

Courtney got something called Strawberry Paradise or a name equally enthralling. Hers came with a chocolate strawberry on top, which is so what I’m getting next time.

Courtney's sugar-coated clouds

After eating our body weight in chocolate, we ventured to Downtown Disney West Side where we saw these people ( My new fave band. I loved them and you know I almost bought their DVD):

Some kind of awesome looking band

A living statue angel-girl, more cool stores, a fancy art gallery and decided to take a ride on this:

Let's take a ride on a hot air balloon (isn't there a song like that?)

Which allowed us to see all 43 miles of property including this:

View from above

The only catch was that you can’t see the Castle because the Contemporary Resort was built in front of it.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Courtney and I went to MK for Dole Whip and fireworks after I finished working at like 7:30 and then figured out a way to stay for extra magic hours, which I will not share with you because I don’t want to get termed.

When I got home, Courtney and Hannah presented me with a homemade cake:


And I pretended to blow out all the candles, since nobody had matches or a lighter.

My mom sent me this amazing birthday song:

And overall it was an unforgettable affair.


February 4, 2011

First of all, I feel like WordPress is lying to me because they said that this here blog got 157 views the other day. I find that extremely hard to believe. Clearly their viewing system is out of whack.

Secondly, I love this.


Raising Money for the Arts


This is a painting by Dr. Seuss (aka Ted Geisel) from 1962, which benefitted a charity auction, entitle “Raising Money for the Arts.” I want this because I think it is just so perfecto and true and amazing. I found it in an art gallery at Downtown Disney and just cannot stop thinking about it. Its been put on my “When I get rich and famous…..” list.

Last, but certainly not least,


Caitlin is my birthday neighbor, since her birthday is on Feb. 5th and mine is on the 6th.

I wish her a MOST MAGICAL DAY!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine this evening, seeing as I have to work the next two days and it was super mega awesome including mega ice cream, hot air balloons and Mickey ears, but that is all for another post.