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Living the Magic

January 31, 2011

The latest installment in my Disney World endeavors.

Also I forgot to mention that my birthday is coming up on Sunday. I’m going to be 20 years old. Dear God.


The Magic Continues

January 17, 2011

So I’m still alive and well in Orlando. Actually I’m thriving. (Except for the fact that our Internet mega sucks.) Nevertheless,

These are most of my roommates. Kimberlee (my actual roommate, like in my room) is not pictured.


Pictured, from left to right, in front of Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom, are Shanna, Maureen, Courtney, Me (Dana), and Hannah.


And in the video I neglected to mention that last night we saw Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios (a.k.a. MGM) and  it really was fantastic.  I cannot wait to go see it again. If you get the chance to come down here, definitely make an effort to see this show. It has been running successfully for about 10 years and there is something for everybody in it. There are too many characters to count, villains, water works, fireworks and more. Just get there early because the lines are long for seating since so many people have the same idea.

Dana takes on Disney (The Magic Begins)

January 13, 2011

One of my favorite 30 Rock lines is when Jack realizes Tracy Morgan is right about something or another and Tracy says “I hate to say I told you so. So, Welcome to Miami!” That’s just what I felt like on the plane when the stewardess said “Welcome to Orlando!”

The Countdown Begins

December 27, 2010

Hey everybody did you hear the news?

No I didn’t break my arm (SNL reference). The Countdown has begun…

As promised:

It’s the thing where I vlog

December 25, 2010

So I thought I’d give this a shot.