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Who stole the cookies?

November 15, 2010

I love Wee Sing videos. I grew up watching the Wee Sing series, which is a VHS series that takes kids on magical adventures where you can meet all kinds of crazy characters that sing and dance with you.  My mom thinks this is what made me begin to love musicals and theatre and part of what made me so weird.

Anyway, last year I rediscovered these VHS tapes and since I still have a VCR in my room, Aaron and I are just as likely to e found watching a Wee Sing video at my house as we are to be dancing on the pole in my room. It’s great. We like to watch the “stellar” choreography and find all kinds of great innuendos. I would love to remake a Wee Sing in a more modern way that kids today would like, because these shows are just classic amazingness.

For my graphic design class, I had to create a children’s story book illustration and of course I immediately wanted to relate mine to Wee Sing. I got my inspiration from one called Grandpa’s Magical Toys, where the kids shrink using a magical key and meet all of these toys at their grandpa’s house. Our favorite part is when the cookie jar comes to life and yells at the toys because they spend like 10 minutes singing about who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

So here is my representation of that scene:

And here is a trailer of Grandpa’s Magical Toys. You have got to find these videos and watch them. They will change your life!